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Tele-unit Technology Co., Ltd is one of the leading and top-notch company of wholesale printed circuit board exporter in China. Our manufactured electronic items and product inflation are most demanding in the international market. We proudly excel in providing our customers with all-in-one package services from the construction of Circuit board designs, Dc motor controller driver, motor driving, servo motor driver, stepper motor driver, DC brushed motor driver, smart switch board, mobile app system, smart ai application, cloud server, graphical user interface, pmsm motor control system, bldc motor control system and its production, creation of the layout, testing of the resultant product, and verification procedure. We, as the best printed circuit board manufacturer in the global market, provides high-quality and high-tolerant PCBs with sound production quality. We work in different areas as well, including optical communication, wireless communication, network, navigation, aerospace, biomedical devices supporting electronic instruments, security monitoring, smart lighting, 3D gesture related products, etc. and provide quality services to all our clients. With the growth of the electric market, TU has maintained its high standards. We have always worked for the convenience and betterment of everyone.





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why choose tele-unit?

High Expertise and Productivity

We are the only enterprise that offers top-quality and economical products. We put all our efforts into the production of commodities, work with full strength, and provide you with the best in a given duration of time.

Top-notch Quality Items

The materials we use on our products, the components, the layers, everything we use is of superior quality as we do not like to compromise with our standards.

Exclusive Services

We offer unique services all around the globe, which you can not avail anywhere else.

Our Products

Customize Your Products

Today most customers like a custom design printed circuit board with their own logo and label, which can make the products attractive. This step is also beneficial for the customer's own brand. Our company provides different printing methods according to your different designs and requirements; for example if you want silkscreen, decal, hot stamping, frosting, multilayer PCB, Bluetooth PCB, and so on. The price may vary.

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Premium Quality Wholesale Printed Circuit Board Producer in China 

We are established in the Guangdong province of China and are considered the best manufacturers and distributor of the PCBs and other advanced electronic items. We are popular in the international market as a leading printed circuit board supplier, because our major priority is our customer’s satisfaction and product efficiency. We are competitive all around the world because our focus is on the enhancement, advancement, and generation of products. Our wholesale printed circuit board is available in most cost-effective prices, especially to companies and industries like industrial electronics, security, internet of things, automotive, communications, etc.

We are a team of professional, talented, creative, and trained alliances who works 24 hours a day to ideate innovatory solutions to electronic problems. Our PCBs are free of any risks and hassles of wiring, and its superior quality speeds up your system. We work on every service of the printed circuit boards from designing its layout to its patching and assembling of all the components and wires. All our manufactured products speak for its quality.

Excellence is Our Goal

We aim to offer the best services to our clients and do everything to fulfill their requirements. We design perfection for our customers by providing accurate speed and flexibility in all our products. We have vast types of machinery which we use to manufacture as well as for the testing of the products. Yes, we test the products many times through different methods before their shipment. Apart from providing the superior quality of all the products, we are also the most budget-friendly printed circuit board exporter. Also, we are the only manufacturers and suppliers who guarantee a 100% return of products in case of any dissatisfaction.