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Welcome to TeleUnit

Teleunit Co, Ltd is a high-tech enterprise of well-trained workers, skilled professionals, and experts. We excel in the designing of electronic items, product generation, and its enhancement. We deal with the administration, configuration, and creation of the Printed Circuit Boards and provide you with the best electronic products. After production, we quality-check all are items and offer you with promising results.

why choose tele-unit?

High Work

Tele unit’s excellent team of engineers works with great efficiency and proficiency, which is highly visible in the parts we manufacture.

High Quality

The products we manufacture are highly durable and of top-quality with an increased life-span.


Our customer’s satisfaction is our topmost priority. We manufacture custom parts according to the demands of our clients.

our guarantee

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs),PCB assemble

Standard module and inspection/test equipment

Our Standard module and inspection team of testing equipment provides you best quality PCBs. All our top Quality QA and QC provide the best Customer Service at Tele-Unit. We are providing you with the best customer experience from quote to delivery -- no exceptions! We follow you are the standard rules and regulations which are based on IPC from material selection to workmanship. Our manufactured product design and quality of PCB order within our stated manufacturing capabilities. If you are not satisfied with our manufactured products and services, we will replace your PCB's order.