3D Gesture Product

Get The Best 3D Gesture Product From ODM Samples To Manufacturer

Are you looking for 3D gesture product? If yes then, you are on the right platform! Teleunit Co., Ltd is one of the best companies that offer you 3D gesture product from ODM samples to manufacturer without any restrictions and procrastinations. It serves as a fittest supervising company offers solutions like ultra-low power, high precision 3D sensor, which will revolutionize how mobile devices interpret their surroundings. Tele-unit has installed thousands of interactive multi-media displays, computing solutions, digital signs, and multi-touch interactivity for the past few years. Our technology is used in museums, trade shows, presentation centers, and corporate showrooms. The Tele-unit’s 3D gesture product is an interactive sensor that integrates gesture recognition to be used for the detection of rotation. 

What are 3D Gesture Product and gesture recognition?

With gesture recognition, a command is performed without directly touching or making a contract with the device. Here, a sensor responds to a movement with a specific gesture to execute the appropriate command. This 3D gesture tech has been around here for a few years now. Tele-unit makes it more prominent by offering valuable services that provide a 3D gesture product from ODM samples to manufacturer. The gesture sensor is designed on microchip technology, using electricity near field sensing – comprising a 3D gesture input sensing system. 

What do we offer as a leading 3D Gesture product ODM samples Providing Resource?

Our professionals don’t only offer a 3D Gesture product from ODM samples to manufacturer but also cost-effective solutions for applications ranging from virtual reality and gaming to security control. Also, Tele-unit enables real-time 2D or 3D hand tracking and gesture control. We are built with a diverse team of skilled developers and have explored machine learning in the context of gesture analysis. Teleunit aims to use minimal computerized resources and power to bring hand tracking functionality to devices. Besides, we’re here to import 3D ODM/OEM gesture products so that you can access information, manipulate special effects, engaging multi-media content even more smartly.