BLDC Motor Control System

Best BLDC Motor Control Systems And Solutions In Your Reach  

As a globally recognized BLDC control system supplier, we aim to produce tools that can successfully compete internationally. Tele Unit intends to meet the expectations of its customers by selling devices with advanced characteristics. We have a wide range of BLDC devices, including the two-phase and three-phase ones. Our products appeal to a wide variety of industries worldwide, especially electronics.

Why Choose Telepcb’s DC Motor Control System?

Teleunit Co, Ltd is a popular manufacturer of BLDC control systems. We are providing you with the best quality motors that can run at speeds of over 10,000 rounds per minute in both loaded and unloaded conditions. Our engineered BLDC motors have the highest running torsion per cubic inch of any DC motor. These motors do not have brushes, which means they are highly reliable with life expectancies of over 10,000 hours. This results in lesser occurrences of repair or replacement and less total downtime.

On the other hand, our inner rotor Brushless DC motors have low rotor inertia, accelerating, decelerating, and reversing direction quickly.

How Does DC Motor Control System Work? 

We ensure the production of the best quality motor control systems with the help of our dedicated quality control team. We make the necessary adjustments for different industries to fit their needs the best. Such adjustments are accomplished usually with variable speed drive, and they consist of:


Controller: The controller generates a PWM signal to the converter & henceforth forms the heart of the Variable speed system.

Power Converter

Power Converter controls the power flowing from an air conditioner supply to the motor by appropriately maintaining power semiconductor switches (part of power Converter).

Electric Motor

It is connected directly/indirectly to the load.

Motor Specifications

·Power 1HP

·Voltage 24 v

·Speed 2400 RPM

·Current 31.65 amps

Features Of Our BLDC Motor 

We have state-of-the-art machines and industry experts who have helped us manufacture BLDC motors with high reliability, effectiveness, torsion/inertia ratio, enhanced cooling, low radio frequency interference, and noise. It practically requires no maintenance. Its features are given below

·Trapezium 3 phase back emf waveform

·Hall effect sensors, Encoder, and index feedback.

·A temperature sensor mounted for motor winding

·Additional Encoder interfacing facility

·Motor and feedback connector, counterpart plugs optional.

·Malt Block paint finish