Cloud Server

Meet The Leading Cloud Server Service Provider

Tele unit Co., Ltd is also known to be the best cloud server service provider in the international market; some people look for dedicated hosting, but instead of hosting your app or website on a single piece of equipment which is own by you only will cost you more, the cloud allows you to spread your data across multiple, interconnected servers, located across a broad geographical area. We as a cloud computing service provider offer you the most amazing cloud server service that will give you the excellent balance between affordability and strong server service your data will be all secure into our server. It is great for anyone who is looking for flexibility. 

Think of your contract as a mobile pay-as-you-go: every month, you decide your own resource limits and pay accordingly. For example, if you have a large marketing campaign coming up, cloud hosting helps you to plan for a single busy month. The greatest advantage of cloud services is the scalability of solutions while staying reasonably inexpensive. For cloud services, the costs of equipment and data center maintenance are distributed through hundreds, thousands, or even millions of other users. 

So how do you select the right cloud provider from so many?  Not sure!  

You’ll be sure a few minutes later … 

Five key areas in which Tele Unit excel as a Cloud server service Provider  

We’ve distilled the key factors that prove us better than other Cloud server service Providers. Armed with technical service, security, service management, and data governance requirements, we excel from a large group of potential providers.

Being a part of this industry for so long, we deliver the value and benefits that your organization expects from cloud service providers.

Certifications & Standards

we comply with recognized and quality frameworks that adhere to the industry’s best practices and standards. While standards may not determine which service provider you should choose, it ensures the quality of service we provide.

Standard technology application 

We make sure to support your preferred technologies that are aligned with your environment.  Unlike many other service providers, we offer comprehensive services, including customized ones and even assistance in the assessment and planning phase, which means no third-party involvement.

Data security

We are a kind of Cloud server service Provider that gives you choice and control over your data, and you can control how your data is stored, processed, and managed. Our company holds the responsibility of encryption of data moving to or within the cloud to ensure flawless support. 

Performance and reliability 

Don’t expect perfection from any cloud hosting company because downtime is something every cloud provider will experience at some point. It’s how the provider deals with the downtime matter and counts. And tele unit ensures the best management of downtime that you have never expect. We support and communicate with our customers at the time of disruption with supreme agility.

Agile at disaster recovery

We have stringent disaster recovery provisions, processes, and also the ability to ensure data preservation. This should include the criticalness of data, data sources, scheduling, backup, restore, integrity checks, etc.