DC Brushed Motor Driver

Highly-Integrated DC Brushed Motor Drivers

At Teleuit, we provide advanced featured Dc motor drivers designed robustly to protect systems with integrated protection features. Get precision, small design, and an efficient motor drive system backed with powerful features such as advanced diagnostics and vigilant current sensing. Our extensive R&D department made it possible to diversify the voltage range to make it suitable for a wide range of industrial and automotive applications. Our smart brushed DC motor drivers' current versions also provide precision torque controls.

Designed For Various Application 

Our brushed dc motor drivers are designed best for applying different devices and systems depending on their characteristics. 

In addition, users can find our advanced DC servo motors with high -performance and reliability in complex industrial applications.

Overarching Features Of Our Brushed Dc Motor Driver

We offer low construction costs and often be there to rebuild to extend motor drivers' life. Only we can provide you with a simple and inexpensive controller. Our professionals deliver you ideal support by working in extreme operating environments. We being a renowned DC motor driver supplier, bid you the motor drivers with some astounding features such as:

•Small Solution Size

Motor drivers reduce system complexity and board space with high levels of integration in small innovative packaging.

•Increased Power Efficiency

They enhance battery life by increasing efficiency, minimal power consumption, and ultra-low current sleep. 

•Accurate Control

 Our experienced Brushed DC motor driver supplier said that monitoring current to achieve accurate position and torque control is crucial for motor drivers.

Choose Tele-Unit For Best Performance 

Choosing the right DC brushed motor Driver for specific needs is difficult, but you can find the best products and appealing solutions for your unique business needs at telepcb. Tele-unit’s ultra- powerful DC motor driver ICs employs advanced architectures and precision motor system ICs integrated with powerful technology designed to outperform other existing bands in the market. They are easy to use and offer a very significant amount of cost savings and maintenance. 

Choose us for better control and high performance with an optimized system. Our product is designed to cater to multiple automotive applications such as power closure systems and more.