DC Brushed Motor Driver

The Best DC Brushed Motor Driver Manufacturer To Make Ideas Happen

Is it making you frustrated to seek out a trusted source to buy the DC drivers? If you swung your head in yes, then Teleunit Co., Ltd is here to back you up. We offer the drivers to fabricate using a BiCD process that exhibits low output and thus helps decrease power consumption. Our professionals are working on a product portfolio contains a wide range of quality brushed motor drivers. They have extensive output current, supply voltage, and channel count options. 

These motor drivers are designed to be practiced with metal, plastic gearmotors, and simple gearmotors. The  DC brushed motor driver uses a configuration of the armature, commutator, wound wire coils, and an electromagnet to work efficiently. The current flow is reversed twice per cycle with a commutator's help, a mechanical rotary switch. It facilitates the current's flow through armature; hence, the electromagnetic poles work against the permanent magnet. After this process, the commutator then reverses the electromagnet's polarity because the poles cross the permanent magnet's poles. Teleunit Co., Ltd empowers you for a better future.

What Features Are Offered by Us:

We offer low construction costs and often be there to rebuilt to extend the life of motor drivers. Only from us, you can get a simple and inexpensive controller. Our professionals deliver you ideal support by working in extreme operating environments. 

The Features of Our Brushed Motor Drivers

We, as being a renowned DC motor driver supplier company, bid you the motor drivers with a few potentials:

Small solution size: Motor drivers reduce system complexity and board space with high levels of integration in small innovative packaging.

Increased power efficiency: They enhance battery life by increasing efficiency, minimal power consumption, and ultra-low current sleep. 

Accurate control: Our experienced DC brushed motor driver supplier said that monitoring current to achieve accurate position and torque control is crucial for motor drivers.