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Get Profitable Deals From A Reputable Switched Reluctance Motor Manufacturer

If you are looking for a competent switched reluctance motor system, Tele Unit Co. Ltd can help. We started as a small company within the globalized electronics sector soon expanded operations to capture a larger market share than anyone else. Tele Unit has a reputation for fulfilling its prestigious clientele's unique demands and needs without letting them down. Apart from producing high-quality switched reluctance motor drives, we offer guidance and valuable ideas to make your hard-earned investments worthwhile. Our modernized motors are cherished in the international markets for having promising features and remaining incomparable in every aspect.

How Are Our Switched Reluctance Motor System Different? 

We often get queries from potential buyers asking about the life of the motors. We use increasingly durable manufacturing materials that do not require repairs or replacements for a long time. Since our evolution, we have achieved several milestones and continue to improve on our way forward. The reluctance motor system we provide performs effectively and efficiently. You can get a variety of motors from Tele Unit with equally impressive reliability. 

Key Features of Switched Reluctance Motor Drives

• Efficiency: The efficiency of SRM system is comparable to other permanent magnet motors in all 4 quadrants. Its values usually reach more than 95% in the broad range of operation. 

• Reliability: switched reluctance motors manufacturer makes sure it can be operated in all 4 quadrants. Due to the unipolar design, the driving electronics are quite simple. To achieve less torque ripple some more sophisticated design is necessary.

• High-Speed Range: The SR motor can be operated over a wide speed range. This characteristic is similar to a vector-controlled AC induction motor with constant torque at low speed and constant power at high speed.

Let's Talk About Our Prices

What good would it be to supply excellent goods and deprive most people of it by charging high prices?  Being a well-known switched reluctance motors manufacturer, we wish to make every deal with you as profitable as possible. Tele Unit's decision-makers want to keep high quality software-controlled switch reluctance motors in everyone's reach. This encourages us to keep our rates highly affordable and get fruitful outcomes for all parties involved. Although there are many switched reluctance motors market you can find in the industry but, the question is, are they reliable switched reluctance motor systems? Don't worry! Our high-efficiency switched reluctance motor drives give you a higher torque rating than regular induction motors with equivalent frame sizes. We provide you with the best motor that adds power to a variable-speed operation. If you have any queries about our products, drop down us an email; we will be happy to serve you.