ODM PCB Assembly

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Teleunit Co, Ltd is the leading PCB Assembly supplier of China; our company offers full-featured PCB production services with high dependability to be entirely compatible with your supplies. It's a source that has given the technology a landscape to change rapidly and absorb the fast-growing technological changes of the world.

Many firms choose to outsource an innovative product entirely that includes the design, manufacturing, satisfaction, assistance, and pricing. As a premium quality, ODM printed circuit board producers, we make boards with such quality that it mechanically supports and electrically connects electronic components using conductive pathways. This tracks or signal the traces that are engraved from the scopper sheets and laminate onto a non-conductive substrate. We always strive for the best quality of these PCBs because fulfilling customer requirements and satisfying them fully is our ultimate goal. They have become the heart of almost every electrical device now in the world, and as they come in different configurations, so this allows them to adapt with different applications and serve different purposes.

What Actually China ODM PCB Is?

A PCB with components ascending on is known as assembled PCB, and the process is certainly known as PCB assembly. However, ODM describes that alternative setups of manufacturing operations can be done. It is an arrangement by which an PCB assembly manufacturer provides pre-production services, and Teleunit is one of those producers who can offer you these services at low rates. With Aluminium PCBs, HDI PCBs, and Rogers PCBs, our business covers ODM PCBs to provide you with what is needed by your side.

 Aluminum-based PCB is used in different electronic devices such as computers and in cars indicators. It is also used in domestically used products such as mobile, smartphones, and computers. PCB is also used in medical industry equipment such as ultrasonic, machine, MRI, etc. It is widely used for various industrial applications, especially businesses with production lines and manufacturing facilities. PCBs can also withstand high-power applications and the demanding environments which the industrial sector needs.

What Makes Us the Finest China ODM PCB Assembly Supplier?

Tele PCB gives you an opportunity that you don't want to miss, as we're offering expanded manufacturing competencies with challenging quality control options. The PCB assembly provided by us allows a well-branded company to emphasize the products' sales and marketing. Besides, our professionals take up the responsibility for design and manufacturing. The use of certified protocols in the production process and the vigilance of highly skilled professionals help us achieve efficient and effective PCBs. The quality standards are met especially because of the various applications and for long-lasting life.

Continuous improvements in the process have always been our culture, and this brings further efficiency and lower costs for us and ultimately our valued clients. The models of ODM PCB assemblies are growing way too fast in popularity, yet a limited number of manufacturers can reliably design, build, and maintain a standalone product. Being a reliable China PCB assembly supplier, we offer you an all-inclusive industry experience of growing customers' designs, cost-effectiveness, and performance.

Our Services Include

New project initiation

Tele-unit works on overall project discussion to pick out specifications with reasonable cost and time estimation. This distinguishes us as the best China manufacturer of ODM PCB compared with the other suppliers.

Research and design

Our team of skilled professional develop conceptual and functional product model. Besides, we are here to deliver you a perfect pick wholesale ODM PCB assembly, so you don't need anyone else.


Development of 3D functional product models and testing of prototype PCB design are under the services of Tele-unit.