PCB Design and Layout

The Premier PCB Design and Layout Manufacturer in China

Tele-Unit Co., Ltd is one of the leading wholesale PCB design and layout manufacturer and supplier in China. We are a record-breaking and high-tech enterprise that is exceptional in its performance of manufacturing the perfect and well-organized China PCB design and layout. As a leading PCB design and layout supplier, we make sure to fulfill the PCB board's entire quality parameters. It takes great effort to design a PCB layout, and our team of professionals is pro in creating it. The components, layers, wires are well constructed on board and do not dislocate from their position after any rough movement. The china PCB design and layout services are considered the best and stand out from the others.

During part placement, there are several PCB layout rules to remember. Although general board design guidelines tell you the position of components to connect them with power circuits, precision circuits, critical circuits, etc., there are also some detailed guidelines for board layout to be taken into account.

What Make Us a Leading PCB Design and Layout Supplier In the Market

We free our clients from the hassle of wires and offer them the highest quality of the Printed circuit boards, conveniently integrated inside the portable and compact devices. Our PCB design and layouts are undoubtedly exceptional than the others because of the following benefits we offer.

Printed circuit board design and layout is the most significant design element in electronic devices. In most cases, the circuit will be designed by an electronic hardware design engineer. A PCB layout specialist will then carry out the PCB layout and design from a schematic given using a PCB CAD method.


1. Our PCB boards are super space-saving and time-saving that eliminates the need for any bulky wires and components that are a kind of great hassle.

2. Our wholesale PCB design and layout are available in the international market at very affordable rates and provide you with the best quality.

3. We, as the top-tier PCB design and layout manufacturer, firmly fix all the components in the board, which remains fixed regardless of any movement.

4. We offer high scalability for use in a wide range of applications.

5. The connections we provide have lesser chances and risks of any short circuits and loss of files.

6. We are the best PCB design and layout supplier in the market because it is manufactured carefully with multiple layers for complete protection and the maintenance of our high-quality product.

7. Our top-notch China PCB design and layout makes no electrical noise as compared to the others.


The Excellent PCB Design and Layout Services

The PCB design and layout manufacture make an outstanding layout that is highly efficient and effective. We provide our clients with excellent services, including customizing the board according to the device, testing through various techniques before the shipment, and delivery always on time. All our customers keep full faith in us, and we make sure that we fulfill all their desires and requirements. We offer different discounts and packages for our premium clients and are always there at their services. Apart from all the deals and packages, our prices are already very affordable compared to the other enterprises.

PCB design and layout require exceptional skilled full engineers to build it, as it is a very sensitive part of the electronic devices. We have the best engineers who have relevant experience in the field. We assure you to provide the best product which not faults or damages.

Being a well-known PCB design and layout supplier, we are the reliable partners of millions of our clients worldwide. Our Printed circuit board is well-constructed with every component fixed at its place.

Our unique PCB design and layout manufacture by our best employees make them applicable in all kinds of devices, including medical devices, motherboards, electrical instruments, digital clocks, digital watches, military weapons, car devices, and automatic machines aerospace, etc. The design and layout are fabricated according to the demands of the customers or the equipment's requirement. The PCB layout we manufacture is unique from the others, and we never compromise with the quality of the products we make and are renowned for our honesty.