Servo Motor Driver

Best Servo Motor Drivers For Torque Controlling 

Teleunit is a diversified producer of servo motors peripherals known for producing electrical equipment supplies with the best quality and precision. Our servo electric motor drivers have been our best-selling product in the manufacturing industry for small to large ultra- precision motors used in cars and machines used in welding, fastening, sealing, and rigid manufacturing. Our advanced, high-performance motor drivers are easy to work with and provide proper current controls required in machines where precision and repetition are high on demand.

Power Servo Electric Motor Driver With Adjustable Current Features

Being a part of this industry for several years, we have gained a great grasp of the needs of consumers; that's why every product we revised comes with features to make the products impactful than before. Our stepper motor driver is designed to offer adjustable current control through built-in translators that allow controls with bêtter direction inputs installed in the driver's ICs. Additionally, the driver's current limit has become adjustable, reducing power consumption and issues like overcurrent and over-temperature. With the help of autotune, feature the entire control process flows by selecting the modes for the smoothest current waveform.

Buy From Teleunit For Better Performing Products 

The equipment we use to manufacture our stepper motor driver is all cutting-edge technology-based, resulting in better products. Our workers also supervise the entire process of manufacturing and customizing to make sure that everything is being according to the customers' requirements. We guarantee that the product you will receive will be faultless and exactly what we promised to deliver to you.