Smart Home Automation

The Leading Smart Home Automation Manufacturer

Tele-unit Co., Ltd is one of the leading and supreme quality wholesale smart home automation manufacturer and supplier in china. With the help of our smart system, you can control all the operations at your home like lighting, heating, security, audio-visual systems, curtains, baths, and various other systems while being in one place. We proudly call ourselves the best smart home automation supplier, because we deal with the most advanced and unique line of products. We guide our customers about what is better for them and understand their requirements and specially manufacture this fantastic system to make their lives easier. We are renowned for providing the top-quality of the wholesale smart home automation system with a cost-effective solution.

We aim to provide you comfort with our Brilliant Device

Tele-unit is renowned for making the lives of people convenient from the beginning. We are the top-tier smart home automation manufacturer who primarily fabricates our devices for disabled people, older people, mothers with infants, people who have serious security concerns, for offices who want to keep a check and balance of their employees. The following are the reasons which will further guide you about why we are the best.

1. With the help of the Tele-unit’s top-rated automation devices, you can have full access to your homes while being miles away from home. You can keep a check at your kids while being at the office and set schedules for them. The same goes for the office workers to keep a check on their employees.

2. All the Tele-unit’s smart products are very durable because we manufacture it with the top-quality materials and make them last-longing.

3. You can operate our device by giving them direct vocal commands or just with a single tap at the remote. In this way, you can run the lights at your home or all other electronic devices.

4. Our wholesale smart home automation systems are time-saving, energy-saving, and cost-effective.

5. Our brilliant device can also send you notifications and alerts at your cell in terms of any emergencies like an electrical failure, gas-leakage detection, water-leakage detection, security concerns, etc.

6. You can have the automation app on your smartphone and control the settings whenever you want.

Our Modern Solutions and Excellent Services

As a leading and demanding smart home automation supplier, Tele-unit works day and night to offer you with the best technology and provides complete convenience in your life. Our clients are always welcome to discuss their issues with us because our professional team is still ready to solve their concerns with modern solutions. We have a talented team who is always at your services and even offer customization according to your thoughts, requirements, and areas. Our particular smart home automation system is manufactured according to the international standards and is tested through various methods before the final shipment. With the devices, we also offer special services for installation, delivery, and even after services. We have special discounts and packages for our prime customers. We promise our clients to always provide them with the best quality, latest technologies, and extraordinary services and be budget-friendly at the same time.