Smart Switch Board

Most Trusted China Smart Switch Board Manufacturer in Industry

Have you heard of wireless smart switchboards? Which makes your life easier and more digitalized! If not, then Teleunit Co., Ltd is here to tell you some exciting things about smart boards that we have specially made for you. It is not just like a regular switchboard but comes with some cool advanced features on it. Now you can control your home lighting, Wi-Fi, or fan through it; it comes with a complete touch system. Directly you can connect your switchboard with your smartphones and access your switches anywhere, anytime wirelessly. This is why we are known as high technology enterprise and the best China smart switch board supplier in the international market. 

Our well-trained and highly skilled employees work with dedication. That's why we always provide premium quality products to our customers that can be customized according to their requirements to make them satisfied and happy customers. We are a proud, smart power switch panel manufacturer who always looks after their employees' and customers' needs.

Meet the Premium China Smart Switch Board Supplier

You can find us the most trustable supplier who provides what they have promised you for. Being a smart switch board manufacturer, we always make sure it doesn't contain any technical problems. Don't fear! Smart switchboard manufacturers with care, and there is no chance of failure. You can power all your appliances via the dedicated app using a smart switch and use it as a traditional switch when your phone isn't around.

Some Amazing Features of Smart Switch Board

This remote operated smart switch board offers a notification facility (if anyone turns your lights ON/OFF at your house, you can get a notification while you are away). Both family members can use the same login credentials to monitor their respective mobile phones.

You can schedule the time when to turn on the lights and turn them off; it helps you save electricity bills by auto turn off and on at a specific time. Even if the internet breaks down or power-cut/ power-resume occurs, it will run its schedules normally.

Hurry up now! Get your hands on the most amazing switch board from the well-known and reputable smart switch board manufacturer. If you have any queries about any product, leave us a message; we are here to serve you.