Stepper Motor Driver

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Is it not exhausting for you to spend hours searching for the world's leading stepper motor driver manufacturer? It is the right time to end your search as Teleunit Co., Ltd is here to save your day. Now you no longer have to fret about your potential investment and try to grasp the advanced features we offer, such as smart tuning, integrated current sense, micro-stepping, efficient delivery, and smooth motion profiles. Our company relies on advanced technology, timely delivery of services, and finest accessories to ensure the machine's quality and has several exclusive rights and innovative achievements. 

Teleunit Value Your Time And Investment

We are here to provide services by being the best stepper motor driver supplier. Our stepper motors curriculum introduces what it is, how it works, and how you would drive it. Stepper motors are DC motors that move in distinct steps; they have multiple coils organized in groups, which we call phases. By revitalizing each stage in order, the motor will rotate, one step at one time. Factually, with computer-controlled stepping, you can achieve precise positioning and speed control. 

Being Ahead Through Technology With Us

Our professionals provide three types of stepper drivers, including PSR, PSV, and PSK series. The PSR series of analog stepper drivers adopt the analogy current control precisely by maintaining high-speed torque, relatively low stepping noise, and motor heating. Moreover, the PSV series are for voltage control; they adjust the velocity via an external potentiometer. It would replace the brushless motor with a gear-box ideally due to its high torque and less motor noise at low speed. Lastly, in the PSK series, these digital stepper motor drives are DSP-based innovative products. The features include super-low stepping noise, low-speed ripple, anti-resonance, and low motor heating. 

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