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  • M-BUS module

M-BUS Module

•Small size smart 15 mm x 14 mm

•Adjustable for custom application 

•Easy and fast wireless m – Bus and OMS application 

•The module is also pre-certified


Looking for an extra layer of customization in your M5Core? BUS is designed for just that! With a custom circuit design, you can add your function to the M5Core, making it truly unique. BUS connects to other M5modules through M-BUS, allowing you to interact with other devices with ease. Plus, by extending the M_BUS pin on the side of the board, you can easily connect it to other devices. So what are you waiting for? Start building with BUS today!

Customize Your Products

Most of today's customers like to have a custom printed design, which can make the products look more complete and attractive, also good for their own brand. We can provide different printing methods according to different designs, including silk screen, decal, hot stamping, frosting, etc. For example, screen printing is the best choice for single color design, with low cost and high efficiency, and for multi-colors designs, we will take decal, the design looks more realistic. There are some special designs that require frosting. All in all, we can achieve the effect that customers want.