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High-speed Photoreceiver's

Photoreceivers and amplifiers offer the most intelligent and advanced technology to ensure accurate and reliable data transmission. Manufactured with the latest in manufacturing technology and incorporating cutting-edge features, our products are designed for use in a variety of scientific and industrial purposes .

With Photoreceiver's high-speed receivers, you can receive signals with bandwidths up to 42 GHz! With this range, you'll be able to transmit and receive data faster and more efficiently than before. These receivers are designed for use in telecommunications, radar, sonar and other similar systems where high-speed data transmission is a must. Good for systems where the user requires high-speed data transmission over short distances. So, don't wait any longer and make your purchase today!


Customize Your Products

Most of today's customers like to have a custom printed design, which can make the products look more complete and attractive, also good for their own brand. We can provide different printing methods according to different designs, including silk screen, decal, hot stamping, frosting, etc. For example, screen printing is the best choice for single color design, with low cost and high efficiency, and for multi-colors designs, we will take decal, the design looks more realistic. There are some special designs that require frosting. All in all, we can achieve the effect that customers want.