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  • smart lighting control system

Smart Lighting Control System


Work with Alexa and Google home assistant: Nexlux WiFi light bulb is compatible with Alexa, Google Home Assistant and IFTTT, allow you to use voice control your smart bulb to turn on/off and change the colors/brightness. No Hub bridge and other switches required.
Smart light bulbs automatically come on and off at given times through the timer function. A gentle sunrise can wake you up in the morning gradually. By using the APP you can turn off the lights after you left the house. And turn them back on before you walking on the door.
Easy to installation and group control: The built-in Wifi Bulb makes you enjoy the smart life after you downloaded the “Magic Home Pro” APP and installed the bulb. All Smart Wi-Fi bulbs can also be controlled as a group. This 4.5W Energy-saving LED light bulbs is equivalent 40W common light bulb.

Customize Your Products

Most of today's customers like to have a custom printed design, which can make the products look more complete and attractive, also good for their own brand. We can provide different printing methods according to different designs, including silk screen, decal, hot stamping, frosting, etc. For example, screen printing is the best choice for single color design, with low cost and high efficiency, and for multi-colors designs, we will take decal, the design looks more realistic. There are some special designs that require frosting. All in all, we can achieve the effect that customers want.